Downtown Kerrville Logo

Logo for Downtown Kerrville

Downtown Kerrville has historical roots in not only the architecture, but also the heritage of this small Texas town. In recent years, an effort has been made by business owners to revitalize the downtown area with new shops, restaurants, and businesses. No effort, however was made to brand the area.
When we moved The Alara Group into a downtown office, we felt it imperative to give back to our community by offering our services to brand downtown. Our goal was simple: let everyone outside of Kerrville know that there is something happening in our little town. Hoping to attract both consumers and new business, our focus was on the historical aspect of the area. We poured through books of old photos taken from the late 1800’s until today, soaking in the culture both lost and preserved.
Drawing from small details around the area, we worked on creating a brand that felt like downtown Kerrville. We ended up focusing on the unique lamps that populate the streets and parking lots in the area. Using the lamppost as a device, we found fitting typography and a custom panel to put it in.
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