River Trail Supply Company

Shirt designs I have done for my new brand, River Trail Supply Company. Check it out at http://rivertrailsupply.co

River Trail Supply is a new brand for some camping/exploring themed designs I have been working on. Here is the starting lineup, though I'm adding more as I get them sketched out.
Right now I'm using a Threadless Artist Shop to produce & sell the shirts. I'd love to get to the point where I can silkscreen these and sell them along with stickers and other cool stuff.
This desgin pulls in the color of the shirt through the letters. The shadows over the letters are achieved through a low opacity black that will tint the shirt color. Since these shirts are printed digitally, I can cheat a bit and add some cool effects.
My daughter suggested the snow on the mountaintop. She wanted you to know that.
This is pretty much the view from my boat.
I had actually designed the logo & started the brand last year, just didn't get it up and running until this summer.
Image created at placeit.net
A few behind-the-scenes sketches.
Thanks for checking out my work!
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